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Installation Instructions


The Time Encoding and Decoding Toolbox requires a relatively recent version of MATLAB (e.g., R14 or later) to run.

To rebuild the documentation, the following Python packages are also required:

Building and Installation

Unpack the archive into an installation directory of your choice. Assuming that Matlab is installed in the directory whose name is stored in the environmental variable $MATLAB, one may wish to install the software in $MATLAB/toolbox/ted if one has administrative access to the machine.

Add the subdirectories of the installation directory to Matlab’s search path so that the functions comprised by the toolbox may be easily accessed. For example, if the software is installed in $MATLAB/toolbox, one may add the following lines to the list of paths in $MATLAB/toolbox/local/pathdef.m and restart Matlab to make the toolbox contents available:

matlabroot,’/toolbox/ted/ted:’, ... matlabroot,’/toolbox/ted/teddemos:’, ... matlabroot,’/toolbox/utils/utils:’, ... matlabroot,’/toolbox/utilsdemos:’, ...

Alternatively, one may also add the path to the toolbox for the duration of one session by running the commands

addpath(strcat(getenv(‘MATLAB’),’/toolbox/ted/ted’)); addpath(strcat(getenv(‘MATLAB’),’/toolbox/ted/teddemos’)); addpath(strcat(getenv(‘MATLAB’),’/toolbox/utils/utils’)); addpath(strcat(getenv(‘MATLAB’),’/toolbox/utils/utilsdemos’));

To rebuild the documentation, run:


from within the docs/ subdirectory and follow the directions.